While she may be the only one described by the FOX marketing department as "adorkable," Zooey Deschanel isn't doing "New Girl" as a one-woman show.
In addition to chatting with Deschanel last week, I also caught up with the actors playing her character's three new roommates -- Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield -- plus Hannah Simone, who plays her best friend.
I'm saving my interview with Morris and Greenfield for next week, since the "New Girl" pilot features Damon Wayan Jr., while Morris' character enters in the second episode.
So for now, let's hear a bit from Johnson and Simone, as they discuss how much we're going to be seeing their characters and what they hope to find out about Nick and Cece, respectively.
You may recognize Johnson from the film "No Strings Attached" (scripted by "New Girl" creator Liz Meriwether), while Simone's credits include episodes of "Beatiful People" and "Kojak."
"New Girl," of course, premieres tonight (September 20) at 9 p.m. on FOX. 
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