My younger brother quoted Drew McWeeny to me the other day.

I was expressing my concern about being unprepared for Sundance. Woefully unprepared. Hilariously unprepared. Unprofessionally unprepared. Uncharacteristically and uncomfortably unprepared.

But, as I say, my brother cited Drew, who wrote yesterday, "Anyone who has been will tell you that plans go out the window about ten minutes after you touch down in Park City, and that you end up improvising each day based on how things unfold."

So I've got no choice but to believe that. And Drew hasn't given me any reason not to trust him.

I fly out to join Drew and Greg in Sundance tonight at 9 p.m. For those of you who have been keeping track, I've been covering the Television Critics Association press tour for the past week-and-a-bit, an all-encompassing, life-sucking event that I hold responsible for the aforementioned unpreparedness. ABC's final TCA panel is scheduled to end at 6 p.m. tonight and I'll get on the road from Universal City to LAX immediately afterwards. If God is on my side, I'll get into Park City at 2-ish.



What am I looking forward to?

Well, with Greg covering the competition films and Drew covering Midnight movies and, well, whatever Drew wants to cover, I'll trying to fill in as many gaps as possible.

As HitFix's TV guy, I may concentrate at least some of my attentions on films involving television personalities breaking into the indie film world, strutting new sides of their stuff.

There's "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men," an adaptation of the David Foster Wallace book that marks "The Office" star John Krasinski's debut as a writer-director. That will be one of my major targets.

I'm hoping to watch up with Lauren Graham for "Arlen Faber" and with Zach Gilford for "Dare." Gilford's "Friday Night Lights" co-star Gais Charles pops up in "Toe to Toe." "Damages" star Rose Byrne co-stars in "Adam." "Arrested Development" veteran Alia Shawkat is in "Amreeka." Gina Torres is in "Don't Let Me Drown." 

But really, I'm planning to follow Drew's advice and improvise.

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