On the TV side, Saturday was a day of memorable moments, from the emotion-filled final Comic-Con panel for "Chuck" to an unbilled surprise appearance by "Fringe" star Joshua Jackson, but I'd put Maggie Q attempting to demonstrate stunt-work on a shy audience member in the upper tier.
If Maggie Q is not already a beloved Comic-Con institution, the "Nikita" star is well on her way with appearances like Saturday afternoon's panel.
It's the sort of moment that can't be described properly, but I'll try.
Maggie Q was asked about her enjoyment of stunt-work and, specifically, the responsibility to frequently do stunts in less-than-ideal attire.
"If I could fight in pajamas, I would, but I don't think that would sell,” she laughed, with resignation. "I think the bikini would be a better selling point." She added that she often finds herself telling the show's costumer, "I can't do that in that."
Here, showrunner Craig Silverstein mentioned, "I like when you run and climb up big dudes." 
Jokingly, Maggie Q said that she'd demonstrate if anybody in the audience happened to be 6'7". Up goes a hand. There's a very tall, very large guy in the audience and Maggie Q brings him up on-stage and -- wearing an outfit I'm not sartorially qualified to describe other than that it involved very brief yellow shorts and a matching yellow long-sleeved top -- attempted to run and climb up on the big dude, or at least display how it might be done. She didn't quite pull off the full stunt -- embarrassment may have set in either for Maggie Q or her human prop -- but it was a moment of such game enthusiasm it was hard not to root for the star of The CW's newly transplanted Friday action drama.
More Maggie Q and more on Season Two of "Nikita" after the break...
Yes, there was plenty of discussion of "Mikita" -- that's Michael & Nikita for the uninitiated, though why the uninitiated would be reading this post is beyond me -- but there were nearly as fans coming up to praise Maggie Q's early Hong Kong action films, including devotee to the 2002 film "Naked Weapon."
"You still like me and you saw that movie? Talk about loyal!" Maggie Q laughed.
After the other panelists did a little tittering about the title, Maggie Q had to depend the early film.
"There's no nudity! I swear! None," she declared. "'Naked Gun' has no nudity!"
One can't argue with that logic.
The panel was so thoroughly dominated by Maggie Q that it briefly became a "This Is Your Life" segment with the appearance of her high school track coach. 
But enough casual moments from the "Nikita" panel. Let's get into the nuts and bolts of what fans can expect from the upcoming season.
"We've talked about the idea that every character is searching for home in their way," Silverstein said. "Alex is trying to get back to the home that is due her. Nikita's trying to find the home that she never had. Percy's trying to get back to his home." 
He added, "Michael and Nikita out there righting wrongs as Alex heads from right to wrong." 
So what does that all mean?
Well, things are tense between Alex and Nikita. 
"We're going to see an Alex and Nikita fight early one, which you've never seen before," Silverstein teased.
And Michael and Nikita are definitely all couple-y this season, though there are complications.
"We're on the run," Shane West said. "We're under extraordinary circumstances. One's conservative. One's liberal. They're very different, but they're in love."
Alex is also on her own, though that mostly means that she isn't working for Division anymore. Or is she?
"That's a really complicated question," Silverstein said. "She has a relationship with Division, but she does not work for them. She needs them to get what she wants." 
And even Division isn't Division anymore, or at least not the same Division Xander Berkeley ruled with an iron fist for much of Season One.
"The power dynamics within Division have changed," Silverstein said. "When we come back, Amanda [Melinda Clarke] is running Division and Percy has been banished to probably the coolest set we've built."
Of Amanda, Silverstein added, "She's trying to clean up Percy's mess... She's trying to turn Division into a more principled place. But as we know, Amanda is 10 times scarier than Percy."
And what of Aaron Stanford's Birkhoff?
"Birkhoff is no longer in Division and you're going to find out what happened to him in the first episode and I really don't want to spoil it," Silverstein hinted.
And speaking of returning favorites, Silverstein also said that Devon Sawa's Owen will return, now with a different source of funding.
"If they could all just get along, they'd be a super-team. But they don't all get along and that's what makes it fun," Silverstein said, noting that there are no plans to put Owen in a love-triangle with the currently content couple, so Mikita fans can breathe a sigh of relief.
Amidst all of this potential excitement, Maggie Q said she was looking forward to finally getting some information about Nikita herself.
"Craig did an amazing thing, he got away with not divulging anything about our hero in the first season," she noted.
In Season Two, we're going to see more of Nikita's pre-Division life, including her birth parents and the phase Maggie Q refers to as "Tough, knife-fight Nikita."
And, of course, there will be new bad guys, badder than ever.
"There's going to be a lot more badness," Silverstein said. "Michael and Nikita have the Black Box. The black box holds the dirtiest, darkest secrets and bad guys."
"Nikita" will return to The CW on Friday, September 23.

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