Happy Late Monday/ Early Tuesday, Boys & Girls.
We apologize for the late posting of this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, but Sepinwall was in the air in transit to Los Angeles and we actually got the opportunity to do a rare podcast recorded together and in-person.
This week marks the beginning of our summer re-watch of "Twin Peaks." We also talked about the ABC Family drama "Switched at Birth," touched on "X-Men: First Class" and answered a couple pieces of Listener Mail.
Here's the breakdown:
"Switched at Birth" -- 01:40 - 12:00
"X-Men: First Class" -- 12:00 - 19:40
Listener Mail: Showkillers -- 19:50 - 30:50
Listener Mail: Empty Cups -- 31:00 - 34:20
"Twin Peaks" Re-Watch -- 34:25 - 01:02:00


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And here's the podcast...


Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 77