Happy Monday, Boys & Girls. 
Things are getting busy in TV Land -- not to be confused with getting busy *on* TVLand, because we're not really sure what's up with "Hot in Cleveland" -- so this week's podcast is jam-packed and things will only get more jam-packed in weeks to come.
On this week's docket: Discussion of the series finale of "Big Love" and the show's overall legacy, a review of HBO's "Mildred Pierce" miniseries, a review of Syfy's "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen," some words on "Bob's Burgers" and even a couple pieces of Listen Mail to answer.
Here's the breakdown:
"Bob's Burgers" -- 01:17 - 08:30
"Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" -- 08:30 - 18:20
"Mildred Pierce" -- 18:20 - 32:25
Listener Mail (stuff about supporting characters and plausibility of sketch comedy and sports on scripted shows) - 32:30 - 46:00
The series finale of "Big Love" - 46:00 - 01:03:55

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And here's the podcast...


Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 65