Happy Wednesday, folks. It's time for another installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast
Next week's podcast may end up being epic, as we discuss "The Pacific," "Justified," ESPN's "Winning Time," FOX's "Sons of Tucson" and more. 
This week? Still long, but in addition to our usual talking points -- "Idol," "Lost" and, to some degree, "The Office" -- we also talk "Big Love," "Life Unexpected" and, for the first time, pilot casting.
As part of our ongoing efforts to gradually improve this podcast and its availability, we now have a dedicated RSS feed -- Gracias, HitFix development staff! -- for this podcast.
So now you can take the feed -- http://www.hitfix.com/podcasts/fien-print.rss -- and you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. We're not in the iTunes store yet, because there are a few little tweaks that are being made, but hopefully we will be soon. Anyway, we think the feed is a big step towards added usability.
This week's podcast breakdown:
"American Idol" - 01:05 - 07:00
"Prime Suspect" and "Rockford Files" Casting - 07:05 - 18:00
"The Office" Baby Episode (no spoilers) 18:15 - 23:45
"The Marriage Ref" 23:50 - 27:30
"Big Love" 27:52 - 33:00
"Life Unexpected" 33:00 - 38:00 
"Lost" 38:00 - 48:00
And here's the podcast:

Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 6

A long-time member of the TCA Board and a longer-time blogger of "American Idol," Dan Fienberg writes about TV, except for when he writes about movies or sometimes writes about the Red Sox. But never music. He would sound stupid talking about music.