Happy Monday, boys and girls. Time for a very special edition of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.

Why is it very special?

Well, for the very first time, we welcome a special guest. "Parks and Recreation" mastermind Michael Schur dropped by for an epic conversation about "The Sopranos" and "The Wire," naturally. If you're a fan of both shows -- and really, who isn't? -- it's a great discussion.

Then, after Mike departed to go work on that hilarious comedy of his -- returning to NBC at midseason some point -- we went about the usual business of talking "Mad Men," specifically "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword."
Be aware that the "Wire"/"Sopranos" chat is spoiler-y.
Here's the simple breakdown:
"Wire"/"Sopranos" talk with special guest Mike Schur -- 00:00 - 50:50
"Mad Men" --  52:30 - 01:07:20

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And here's this week's podcast...

Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 31