It looked as if a Wednesday had passed without a Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. But looks can often be deceiving.
Just when things were at their most bleak, Alan Sepinwall came through with a window of time that he used to podcast, rather than sleeping. For that, we all salute Alan.
In this week's podcast, we covered a lot of topics, including the usuals -- "Lost" and "American Idol" -- and a few new things including Matt Smith's Doctor Who, Conan O'Brien's big move to TBS and the return of "Glee."
Here's the full breakdown:
00:00-09:30 -- "Lost"
9:35-17:30 -- Conan O'Brien to TBS
17:35-24:15 -- "Doctor Who"
24:20-29:15 -- "Glee"
29:20-37:30 -- "American Idol"
37:40-38:25 -- The Census
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And here's this week's podcast...

Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 12