Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
How did a week in which we had nothing new to discuss end up being our longest podcast ever?
I have no idea.
But last week, we caught up with many of our favorite TV dramas and this week we caught up with many of our favorite TV comedies and that somehow resulted in an epic 100-minute-plus podcast.
I can't really explain it, but Justin Verlander is probably to blame.
This week's exhausting breakdown:
"How I Met Your Mother" (01:35 - 10:50)
"2 Broke Girls" (10:50 - 19:05)
"New Girl" (19:05 - 25:00)
"Suburgatory" (25:00 - 30:05)
"Modern Family" (30:05 - 34:50)
Justin Verlander winning AL MVP (34:50 - 37:50)
"Happy Endings" (38:05 - 42:50)
The shelving of "Cougar Town" and "Community" (42:50 - 52:00)
"Community" (52:00 - 01:01:25)
"Parks and Rec" (01:01:30 - 01:08:50)
"The Office" (01:08:50 - 01:19:14)
"Always Sunny" (01:19:20 - 01:23:55)
Listener Mail: Miscasting vs. Bad acting (01:23:55 - 01:28:45)
"Homeland" (01:28:50 - 01:38:00)

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And here's the podcast...

Firewall & Iceberg - Podcast 103

A long-time member of the TCA Board and a longer-time blogger of "American Idol," Dan Fienberg writes about TV, except for when he writes about movies or sometimes writes about the Red Sox. But never music. He would sound stupid talking about music.