"I'm like all of you. I'm a fan of science fiction. I'm a nerd at heart and I'm proud of it." 
You get a lot of quotes like that when you're at Comic-Con, where stars go to great lengths to try to convinced packed ballrooms that They're just like Us.
Somehow, when John Barrowman says it, he can get away with it. Before greeting a packed-to-the-gills Ballroom 20 on Comic-Con Friday (July 22), Barrowman spent time on the Con floor and was able to go through his list of purchases, which included Captain America action figures and a collection of fast-food commemorative glasses. Other stars can claim to be nerds, but Barrowman has the details to back up any story.
Of course, there are many things that John Barrowman can get away with that few other stars can pull off and all of those entertaining gifts were on display as he and his castmates promoted Starz' "Torchwood: Miracle Day."
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Take, for example, the last exchange that took place during the panel.
Audience Member: "Eve, I want to say that your smile melts my heart. And John, your smile melts a completely different part of my body." 
John Barrowman: "Let me lick up that mess." 
Audience Member: "Apologies to my wife, where ever you're sitting."
John Barrowman: "Bring her along!"
Somehow, this led into a question about the possibility that "Torchwood" may someday find a way to let the versatile Barrowman sing.
"They did a musical episodes in other shows and I really don't think we're going to approach that," Barrowman said, clearly full of regret.
From here, it was practically unavoidable that Barrowman was begged to close the panel with a little song. After some deliberate hemming and hawing and a few rejected songs -- "No, I'm not singing 'Springtime for Hitler.'" -- Barrowman finally broke into "Tomorrow" from "Annie," a song choice as out-of-character as it was perfectly-in-character, so perfectly that the crowd loudly joined in on the chorus.
Although love for Barrowman and "Torchwood" go hand-in-hand, Captain Jack was hardly the only one getting love on the "Miracle Day" panel. Eve Myles, whose Gwen Cooper spent this season's early episodes toting a baby, had the crowd in stitches celebrating her new-found love of Los Angeles.
"My God. You've got hot weather. You're so lucky. I lived in a cocoon until I was 15. It's that cold in Wales," Myles cracked. 
She also correctly pin-pointed Southern California's greatest virtue, gushing, "In-n-Out Burger rocks my world... Those animal fries? Unbelievable."
Talk of weather also brought out the best in Mekhi Phifer, whose Rex Matheson has been a controversial addition this season. After Barrowman and Myles mocked Phifer for his hatred of the chilly climate in Wales, Phifer shot back, "Hey I'm black, I'm a tropical person... Black man!"
Phifer also defended Rex, who has come off a bit strident in early episodes. 
"He's just misunderstood," Phifer insisted. 
He clarified, "He thinks he knows certain things and when this miracle happens, it rocks his world a little bit," insisting that Rex will have a clear arc in upcoming episodes. Viewers who watched Friday's episode on Starz already saw the softer side of the grumpy FBI character. 
We're still two weeks away from one big "Miracle Day" episode touted by writer-producer Jane Espenson, who warned that Episode 5 will be an answer to fans who have lamented that "Miracle Day" seems almost light and fluffy after "Children of Earth."
"Everybody has been asking me the question, 'Well, obviously, this can't get as dark as the 4-5-6. What could possibly beat those stakes? This is going to be a lighter season.' I just keep saying, 'Oh, wait...' If you are feeling hungry for dark chocolate and you've been getting milk chocolate, wait for Episode 5," she teased. [And yes, Phifer instantly responded, "They call me 'Dark Chocolate' sometimes."]
Oh and don't forget about Episode 7.
"We got to really dig deep into Gwen and Jack," Espenson said. "Honestly, you're going to love that episode."
Of the season as a whole, Espenson recalled the two weeks with writers posing "What if?" questions that fueled the narrative and said, "Don't be afraid to think hard about what the show's about, because we thought hart about it."
The panel also included talk about the possibility that Barrowman's Captain Jack might return for an appearance during the upcoming 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who." The previous day, a Barrowman cameo got the stamp of approval from Doctor Who himself, Matt Smith. On Friday, Barrowman called the chance to interact with a different Doctor "interesting" and said that he'd love to do it.
"I think it would be disappointing for the 50th not to have a character like Jack make some kind of appearance," Barrowman said.
He added, "I love playing Captain Jack. It's the best coat I could ever put on every morning."
It's no surprise that although "Torchwood" has yet to be renewed, Barrowman and the stars expressed the desire to keep going for many years, repeatedly thanking the fans for their support.
"The more you watch it, the more chance we have of coming back. That's the most important thing, but we'd love to be coming back."
And check out the "Miracle Day" Comic-Con promo:

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