Not every video has to be an event—although we’re made to believe it’s so with countdown clocks on artist websites and what not. So what to do when a vintage band, returning with their first new clip in many years puts out a video that, while perfectly pleasant, is nothing to write home about?  Maybe just say thank you.

Acts like Lady GaGa—any many before her—have elevated the music video to such a spectacular that it almost seems unfair to expect the same thing from a band like Stone Temple Pilots—even though we’d argue that lead singer Scott Weiland has just as much presence as Lady G.

So STP returns with a fine, if fairly pedestrian clip to “Between the Lines,” the first single from its self-titled May 25 album. The song, which already topped the alternative charts, has a retro, psychedelic feel and the quick-cut video models that with its vintage convertible and ‘70s style apartment.

The video is primarily a performance clip, but instead of a club, the boys are playing in an upstairs, run-down apartment. The love interest—or Weiland’s main drug, “even when we were taking drugs”—shows up to smile coyly,  play pool, have sex in a bathroom stall and, of course, have some unexplained fight. It’s all decidedly tame for a band that has a pretty decadent past, and low key. Here’s a group that is still very willing to let the sound, rather than the image, lead the way.