Scott Weiland is getting his Bing Crosby croon on in this nostalgic video for “Winter Wonderland” from the Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver front man’s totally non-ironic take on one of the most popular holiday standards.

The tune is from Weiland’s “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” out now, which features Weiland warbling through a number of Christmas classics surrounded by lush orchestrations and a big band.

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The clip would fit in perfectly in an episode of “Pan Am” or “Mad Men,” as a nearly unrecognizable Weiland, with his short, slick-backed hair,  enjoys the holiday with his G-rated bevy of beauties. For "Mad Man" fans, do you think the shots of the slide player are a little homage to the now classic "The Carousel" episode ?

Where’s my heavily-spiked eggnog?

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