Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Santigold is totally over you.  In her trippy new video for “Big Mouth,” she has no use for you and your irritating ways so shut your trap.

The clip is a fun combo of childlike animation and live action as Santigold’s throwing attitude all over the place, backed up by her two-women crew S1Wettes.

Santigold also decides to take a swipe at Lady Gaga, who is represented as an animated blond mermaid. “Gaga-ga all slightly off/not me I take the loss,” she sings. We’re not really sure what that means, but it’s probably not good, especially since Gaga gets eaten by an underwater tiger.

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The sassy, fierce dance tune, full of tribal beats, is from Santigold's forthcoming Downtown/Atlantic album, “Master of My Make Believe,”  her first album since her 2008 debut.

 "I still have the songs that sound very electronic and clubby... but I have a couple ballads on this one -- my own type of ballads, where they just sound big," she told Billboard of the release, which has been delayed a number of times. She’s working with a slew of producers on the project, including TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Greg Kurstin, and Switch.