To our mind, Kelly Rowland has never gotten the post- Destiny’s Chid mainstream stardom she deserves. Sure, she’s had her moments and experienced strong dance club support, but maybe “Rose-Colored Glasses” will finally do it.

The mid-tempo ballad details a horrible relationship that all her friends don’t see. “They see the lies/I see the truth,” she sings, later adding, “I can’t believe all this time my pain just brought you pleasure.”

The video is mainly a fashion showcase for Rowland instead of any kind of literal telling of the story. She changes outfits and hairstyles about a million times and looks fantastic throughout. We see the villain a few times, but mainly he just glowers at her.

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The song, produced by Dr. Luke, is a show stopper (and a nice production by him-- we often find him too slick).

Check out the video and tell us what you think.