Green Day premieres song, 'Cigarettes and Valentines,' live

Look for it on a forthcoming live album

<p>Green Day's Billie Joe Aremstrong</p>

Green Day's Billie Joe Aremstrong

Credit: AP Photo

Only four years after Green Day’s live album, “Bullet in a Bible,” it looks like the punk pop trio is ready to release a new concert album.

The group premiered a new song, “Cigarettes and Valentines,” during a tour stop in Denver, according to punknews,  and added that they were recording a new live album.... or "live fucking album," as Billie Joe Armstrong declared.

“Cigarettes” was allegedly on Green Day’s lost--or should we say, stolen--album. As the well-known story goes, the master tapes for the follow-up to the band’s 2000 album, “Warning,” were nabbed. This was on of the songs supposedly on there. Instead of re-recording, the band wrote “American Idiot” instead. We never condone stealing of any kind, but thank you, thieves!

Check out the new song for yourself below.


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