We may be the only ones who haven’t recorded our own version of “Born this Way” yet, so while we get cracking on that, check out “Glee’s” take on the soon-to-be Lady Gaga classic from last night’s 90-minute very special “Glee.”

The singing is fine, but the premise is a little weird and we still can’t figure out who Chris Colfer (i.e. Kurt) is channeling is his zombie-like opening.  All the kids strip off jackets to reveal t-shirts emblazoned with a “flaw,” following an episode whose message was to accept yourself just as you are. We will say that Finn’s “Can’t Dance” t-shirt made us laugh, but Kurt’s “Likes Boys” was a surprising flaw choice -- unless it was to make the point that was why he got bullied so much originally.

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Did “Glee’s” take make you want to put your paws up?