Beyonce is smoking hot, so much so, that at one point in the new video for “1 + 1” she’s actually smoking, literally. The clip for the tune from current album, “4,” is a visual, sensual feast that makes the most of Beyonce’s radiant beauty.

While there are a few body shots of Bey in animal print and garters, the majority of the focus is on her face, and what a face it is. Computer graphics project rain running down her face, interspersed with close-ups of her succulent lips.Without ever crossing into crassness, she goes through the throes of passion so we’re left with no doubt that she’s a very happy woman. Jay -Z is a lucky man.

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There’s some lovely kaleidoscopic shots and billowing sheets, but this is about Beyonce letting us know that she is a woman in the full flush of love.  We never see her “+1” other than an arm and back shot, but that works to the video’s advantage.

The song isn’t a single, but it seems that Beyonce has shot videos for a number of tunes from the album, so we can expect more images from “4.”