Pia Toscano has places to go and a past to escape in the video for “This Time,” so she hits the road in a Mustang convertible and a time machine since she’s able to transport herself instantly from a bucolic field to a beach to a city street in no time flat. And change outfits.

The mid-tempo ballad showcases the “American Idol” season 10 contestant’s strong vocals, but is such a non-starter that we’d almost suggest you watch the video with the mute button on and just imagine the sound of the waves crashing.

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The track is the first tune from Toscano’s forthcoming Interscope album. She’s working with a number of producers including Brian Kennedy and Rodney Jerkins.

So over the past 72 hours, we’ve gotten fresh videos from “American Idol” season winner Scotty McCreery, runner-up Lauren Alaina and Toscano. All three can currently be seen on the "American Idol" tour.

Who is your favorite?