We wonder if he's ever seen "This is Spinal Tap"...

Mike Byrne is the new drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins. SP founder Billy Corgan picked 19-year-old Byrne after holding open auditions. Byrne, a veteran of a number of Portland, Ore. Bands, says he first started listening to the Pumpkins when he was 13 (that would be 2003) and saw the band two years ago. He replaces Jimmy Chamberlain, who left the band in March.

A new Smashing Pumpkins album is due this fall, but first, Corgan is performing six solo shows in Southern California starting next Wednesday (with Byrne in tow). The guests for the half-dozen solo concerts are Spirits in the Sky, a band put together by Corgan to play  a tribute show to the Seeds' Sky Saxon last month.

DATE                          CITY                                       VENUE          


Wed    8/26                Visalia, CA                            Tazzaria        

Thu      8/27                Santa Barbara, CA               Muddy Waters

Fri       8/28                Long Beach, CA                   Open

Sat      8/29                Pioneertown, CA                   Pappy & Harriet's Palace

Sun     8/30                San Diego, CA                      Che Café

Mon     8/31                Los Angeles, CA                   Hotel Café