Daughtry's new album, "Leave This Town," will come out July 14. The 19/RCA Records release is the follow up to the band's 2006 self-titled debut, which has sold around 5 million copies worldwide and was one of the top-selling albums of 2007.

Daughtry debuted the first single from the album, "No Surprise" on "American Idol" last night. We'd have to hear the song a few more times before we critique it, but at least we can safely say that, unlike Paula Abdul who also debuted a new song, Chris Daughtry was actually singing most of his song. To her credit, Abdul looked fabulous!

Daughtry's appearance was a clear reminder that at this point in the competition, it doesn't matter who wins. If they've gotten this far, they are practically guaranteed a record deal. Chris Daughtry pretended that not winning "AI's" fifth season still hurt, but he's got 5 million reasons to show why who wins no longer particularly matters.

Daughtry has clearly planted its flag in the arena-rock category of acts that critics tends to loathe, but audiences love-think Bon Jovi or Nickelback-- both of whom Daughtry has toured with. The band reunites with rock producer Howard Benson for "Leave This Town."

As Chris Daughtry told Hitfix in February, Daughtry has written with a number of high-profile collaborators, including Richard Marx and Nickelback's Chad Kroger. Chris Daughtry is also writing with his band mates-bassist Josh Paul, drummer Joey Barnes, guitarist Brian Craddock and guitarist Josh Steely. "We're very happy and proud of [the record]," Daughtry said. "Hopefully that translates when it comes out and people will dig it and continue to buy our stuff."