Some people think of the '70s rocker when they hear the word, but meatloaf (or Meatloaf or, yes, "Meatloaf") may also go down in pop music history as the last song the late Monkees singer Davy Jones recorded. For an episode of the Disney Channel animated series "Phineas and Ferb," Jones and Herman's Hermits singer Peter Noone paid tribute to the joys of the traditional family dinner fare (watch the video below). Is it a catchy tune befitting the Monkees' self-aware sense of humor, or is it just a song about meat, eggs and breadcrumbs? You be the judge.

This isn't Jones' only collaboration with Noone, however. They also co-starred in an episode of "My Two Dads" and, according to Noone's website, were "good mates." And now, they are forever bonded. Kind of like, well, meatloaf.


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