David Blaine is technically a magician, but mostly he seems to like trying to get himself killed. Whether it's burying himself alive, sticking himself into a block of ice, or his latest trick of catching a bullet in his mouth, he appears to be more interested in proving he can survive insane feats of endurance than conning us into believing he can float (though he does that, too). As part of his new TLC special, "David Blaine: What Is Magic?" (Thurs. Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. ET), Blaine finds out exactly how many people have died doing the same trick (about 20) and then proceeds to do it anyway. In the video below, see exactly how many people it takes to shoot a magician in the mouth (a lot). Devoted fans will be happy to know Blaine also does his more traditional street magic and card tricks in the special, which will be part of a series of specials for the network. As long as he survives this bullet trick, of course. 

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