Even though the CW's "Supernatural" was sandwiched between fan favorites "Glee" and "Dr. Who" in Hall H during Comic-Con, the show still managed to attract plenty of its own rabid fans. Those loyalists were treated to some plot reveals, a cute gag reel and a quick hit of the show's new anime series.

When asked which characters would be returning to the show, executive producer Serena Gamble said, "Jo is coming back." That was a surprise to both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, who blinked at their boss and said, "Really?"

Continuing, Gamble explained, "That's the perfect example of someone who died and, when we were looking at the dailes, I said, 'I can't wait to bring her back." Also returning? "Sheriff Mills is back for an episode or two. Death is coming back, and we have a few more in the works. I'm superstitious about talking about them before the deals are closed, but there will be new ones, too."

Jim Beaver, who plays Sheriff Mills, is hoping for more than those one or two episodes, though. "I have this sneaking suspicion that we haven't seen the last of Sheriff Mills, but that's just a sneaking suspicion and one I'd fully support," he said. "Unlike Sheriff Mills on Harper Island, this Sheriff Mills is hot."

But one character definitely not returning, according to Gamble, is Chuck Shurley. "Chuck does not appear in any part of the season," she said to moans from the audience.


Several fans asked Misha Collins about his recent step up to God status since he absorbed all the souls in Purgatory, which he answered with deadpan humor. "I've taken a lot from my personal life. I'm very method," he joked. "Far more than usual up in Vancouver; you might have seen it on the news. But it's definitely a daunting challenge."


But it was only when one fan mentioned that a church group had called Collins' character Castiel the antichrist that he hinted at storylines ahead. "I don't know how they figured that out because i tried really hard to keep that under wraps," he joked, before adding more seriously, "That's kind of ironic. You'll understand when you see the first episode of the season."


While Ackles and Padalecki engaged in some appropriately brotherly joking around. (Ackles moaned that "I died 40 times in one episode," while Padalecki joked that, while Gamble mentioned the brothers never had to worry about being written out of the show, "Do you know how many times Jensen has cried in my arms?"), fans were just as excited to see the video footage reserved for the very end of the panel. 


First, everyone was treated to a taste of the anime "Supernatural" series, which Ackles and Padalecki lent their voices to. "Who knew we were big in Japan," Gamble said, praising the creativity of the Japanese animation team. "It blows our minds." 


But the real fan favorite was the season 6 gag reel, in which Ackles, Padalecki and the rest of the cast were seen cracking up, screwing up shots and generally being goofy. Not a bad reaction to the apocalypse, really. 


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