On "So You Think You Can Dance," ballroom expert Mary Murphy is known for her ear-splitting shrieks, soaring whooos and generally being the most excited person on the judges' panel. But after a bout with thyroid cancer, Murphy was decidedly low key when she returned to the show, giving all of us a chance to feel a little sad about the lack of Hot Tamale train action during a season when it seemed the most worthy. During a conversation at the Fox TCA after-party, I asked Murphy how she was doing, how she felt about changes to the structure of the top 20 and what she'd love to do for the finale -- but, unfortunately, won't be able to.

We know you were ill last season. Are you in the clear now?

I still have some things to work out but yeah, I get one of my final tests this coming Monday…and I can’t wait.

Then you're in the clear with the thyroid cancer?

Yeah, I had thyroid cancer but I also had heart issues that they want to look at and so I get my angiogram this Monday, so until the final test now and after that I’ll have at least a clean bill of health or I won’t get any surprises and have a massive heart attack, they’ll be able to do something about it, so.


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