The first time I saw "The Perfect Sleep," it was just Gary Oldman and I sitting together to watch it.  I knew his reaction to the film was terse and perhaps even abrupt, but I had no idea he and Bono and Bas Rutten all felt this strongly about it:



Now, come on... to be fair... "The Perfect Sleep" is a lovely update of the style of film noir, as filtered through a jet black sense of humor and a martial arts junkie's wet dreams.  And Jeremy Alter?  The director of the film?  Not just a good guy but also one the sharpest and most together guys I know in the business.  Maybe he did something terrible to Gary Oldman.  Whateve the truth, he's not helping the film by posting this...

... or is he?

We'll know by Monday.

Here's wishing the director and the star/writer luck with the film, because I'd love hear Gary Oldman's head explode from 10-15 miles away.