I've just seen the final designs for the Comic-Con 2010 t-shirts, and to my great shock and sadness, there's nary a naked image of either myself nor Alan Sepinwall on either shirt.

Ladies, I apologize.

Now, if you can manage to control your disappointment, I think you'll find that the actual shirts are... well, actually cool.  There's one for "What's Alan Watching?" and one for "Motion/Captured" and if you want to get your hands on them, it's easy.  Here's what we're thinking...

  • Go to facebook.com/hitfix and post "I want a Motion/Captured t-shirt" on the wall. First 120 come, first 120 served.
  • Only one t-shirt per person.
  • Winners will be able to pick up their shirts on Thursday at a location very close to the San Diego Convention Center, and will receive details on how to get them after the contest deadline Wednesday at noon Pacific.
  • Winners can ask for a specific size, but there's no guarantee that you'll get it, so if you're particularly small or large, once you know where and when to go you may want to get there early in the process.
  • The t-shirts are obviously free, and all we ask in return is that anyone who gets one wear it to the Con on Friday, where I'll now be moderating TWO panels in Hall H back to back.  The first is "Drive Angry 3-D," and immediately afterwards is "Skyline."  (Similarly, if you want and win a What's Alan Watching? shirt, try to wear it to the "Chuck" panel Alan's moderating on Saturday with Dan Fienberg in Ballroom 20. Show HitFix some love, people!)

Yes, I know I said yesterday I was only moderating two panels, but things change.

And based on what I saw yesterday from "Skyline," you reeeeeally want to be there for that panel.  Those guys are crazy, and they're trying to pull off a very cool magic trick with this movie.  Post "Paranormal Activity" and post "District 9," I think the rules are changing for genre filmmakers, and the smart ones are going to embrace the possibilities right now and not just wait around for a studio to swoop in and screw everything up.

It's going to be a crazy hectic Comic-Con, but nothing would make me happier than looking out at that audience on Friday and seeing you guys there with these shirts, knowing we've got some friendly faces in that massive crowd.  I hope I get a chance to say hello to each and every one of you in attendance, as well, and if you see me, please feel free to stop and chat.

See you there in less than a week, god have mercy on us all.

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