Have you been watching the "Scott Pilgrim" remixes?

These are so much fun as a different way of cutting a trailer.  It's all impression, these little mini-movies that are each themed differently, each just a riff on a word or a feeling or an idea.  They're... remixes.  There's nothing else to call them.  DJ Osymyso is the guy who worked with Edgar Wright to put these together, and each one uses music from the film and footage from the film in the most interesting of ways.  What I like most about them is how they're... gentle.  It's a whole lot of "Scott Pilgrim," yes, and you would call these remixes marketing materials by any standard... but they don't feel like a hard sell at all.  They're just these great little tastes of what "Pilgrim" is all about.

One thing I don't think I've really said about any of the "Pilgrim" trailers or materials so far... I think Bill Pope's work here is jaw-dropping.  He's a great cinematographer anyway, a guy whose work I've been consistently impressed by, but this stuff is just gorgeous so far.  It's like the film is made of cotton candy and lasers, sugar sweet and lacerating.  I watched the giant uncompressed HD file that Universal sent over and I'm just drooling.  Edgar's such a strong visual stylist that for him to collaborate with a world-class guy like Pope turns into this wonderful collision.  That's the real reason I've held off from seeing too much of the film so far.  It looks like it's absolutely worth the wait.

The first remix made its appearance over at EMPIRE on Wednesday.  It was called "Prepare."  The second one appeared Friday on UGO, called "Hey," while the third one also premiered on Friday over at AOL/Moviefone, called "Love."  That's the one Universal screened at the Edgar Wright event during the LA Film Festival.  All of them so far?  Great.

So here we are with the fourth of the "Scott Pilgrim" remix premieres, and ours is called "Ramona."  And all I can say about that is we are lucky, lucky men here at HitFix.  Ramona Flowers may be dangerous, but it's a danger I'd be willing to risk.  She's been through some tough things in her past, and Scott Pilgrim seems to be a complete surprise to her, something she didn't expect at all and wasn't looking for.  I love the way their relationship has been playing out in Bryan Lee O'Malley's books, and I've been impressed with every clip of Winstead so far in the role.  She's a lovely actor physically, of course, but what makes her Ramona feel like she is worth all of this drama, all of the fights, all of the possible death and destruction is the particular mix of vulnerable and strength she projects.  Ramona has a soft side, but if you ever see it, she might have to destroy you for seeing it.  I love this remix, and I'm genuinely pleased we got to premiere it for you today.

The music used in this particular remix is from the track "Second Cup" by Nigel Godrich, and the remix is by Osymyso.  And after this, there are still three more that will be showing up online between now and Comic-Con.  Seven evil exes.  Seven awesome remixes.  Sounds like a fair trade to me.  In the others, you'll hear some of the music by Beck or Metric, for example, so you'll get a real sense of just wide the range is of music in the film.

Are you going to be at Comic-Con?  If so, make sure you follow the movie on Twitter, because I have a feeling if anyone's going to give "Tron" a contest for "most creatively promoted films at Comic-Con 2010," it's this one.  Universal seems to be in perfect tune with how to sell a film like this, how to explain it and tease it and reveal things while still having fun with it.  This feels like the best campaign they've run, start to finish, in a while, and Comic-Con is where they can legitimately feel like they are among their core audience.  I can't believe the last book is in stores this week and the movie comes out next month.  The finish line is so... very... close... and I can't wait.

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" is in theaters August 13.


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