I'm not claustrophobic, thank god, but I know plenty of people who are.

This may not be the movie for you.

Then again, I have a profound phobia of being kidnapped, so maybe this isn't the film for me, either, although I'm certainly planning to see it this week while I'm here in Park City.  "Buried" has been chosen as one of this year's midnight movies at the Sundance Film Festival, and I'm sure that's in no small part to the star power offered by Ryan Reynolds, who stars as an American contracted to drive trucks in Iraq.  He's taken hostage, told to record a message about a ransom, and then buried alive to wait as his kidnappers see if they're going to be paid or not.

When you're dealing with a premise like this, the first question is how do you make it visually and dramatically compelling.  You're talking about a movie where your lead character is locked in a box.  It's a real test for an actor, too, since you don't have someone else to play off of for long stretches of the film.

The teaser's fairly smart.  It just sets up the concept, but it still doesn't really show you what the experience of the film is going to be.  It was just sent out to websites today, and so we wanted to share it with you before the festival gets too crazy and we start to get overwhelmed:



Reynolds is getting ready for one of the biggest years of his professional career, heading off to shoot "Green Lantern