While we've got Team HitFix here, we're trying to do as many interviews as we can.  We've got our awesome video team of Alex Dorn and Michiel Thomas with us on-site, and we've kept them running.  On Saturday morning, we all met at the Bing Bar on Main Street, and I sat down with the filmmakers behind the film "Wish You Were Here."

This was the opening night movie that I reviewed, and I wanted to discuss the movie with the cast.  I've interviewed Joel Edgerton before, most recently for "Warrior," so there was a slight comfort level there, and Teresa Palmer joined him for our chat, which is never a bad thing.

I like that Palmer gets to play Australian in the film, and it is that national identity for the film itself that I thought was most interesting and worth discussion.  Australian cinema has had a number of different ebbs and flows over the years, and it feels to me like Blue-Tongue Films, a production collective that includes Edgerton, his brother Nash, and director Kieran Darcy-Smith, is one of the companies that is part of this new moment that's happening. 

You can look at something like "Not Quite Hollywood" to see some of the rich history of Australian film, or you can look back at the early movies of Peter Weir and Gillian Armstrong and George Miller.  I still remember that moment in the late '70s and early '80s where it felt like Australia was on fire all the time, one interesting movie after another pouring out of the country.  To see a filmmaker like David Michod ("Animal Kingdom") or Darcy-Smith working now, there's a new identity to them, something that feels local and very much centered in the daily life of these filmmakers, and I like it.  I am curious to see where things go from here.

It's obvious that Edgerton and Palmer really enjoyed the experience they had on the film, and were eager to talk about it, so I'm glad we found the time.

We'll have more reviews and interviews for you all week, so keep checking back.