Earlier tonigh t, I saw "The Invention Of Lying" here in Toronto.  What's strange is that it's not at all the movie I expected, but it is very much the movie that Matt Robinson and Ricky Gervais told me they were making.  I think the difference is the execution and actually seeing the world play out onscreen.

This exclusive clip that we've got for you this morning is a good example of what I'm talking about, and one of the things I'll be watching as the film comes out is the way people talk about the performances and the reality of the world. 

The idea of stripping all untruth, of any degree, out of society is a hard one to get your head around, and I'm not sure everyone will agree with the way Ricky and Matt think things would work.  There's a blunt cruelty to the entire world of this movie that is sort of breathtaking, and it may simply be too ugly for some audiences to enjoy.

Here, Mark (Ricky Gervais) has just been fired from his job, and his main competitor at Lecture Films, the studio where he works, stops by to gloat a bit.  That competitor, of course, is Brad, played by Rob Lowe with the smarm turned up to about 1000:

[see the clip after the jump]


I'll have my review of the film available later in the festival, and "The Invention Of Lying" opens in theaters Oct. 2.

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