I have no idea what to expect from "Paranormal Activity 2."

I liked the first one.  Hell, I reviewed the first one two years before it played theaters, and strongly advocated for the studio to put it out and not just remake it.  I love indie horror.  I love when something homegrown becomes a phenomenon.  I was delighted to see the film blow up last year into a genuine hit.

This new one was made with the same people in charge, but with a different director, and with an entirely different level of expectations attached to the end result.  Can you surprise an audience in a horror sequel?  Seems tough, because now they have some idea of what the rules are, of what you will and won't do.  Now the audience is ready for you, and that can be deadly for a horror film.  You don't ever want the audience to be ahead of you, just waiting for you to get around to something.  It's the opposite of fear.

So I like that I haven't seen a ton of footage from the sequel yet, and that I'm not even really sure what story they're telling.  Is that the same house?  Is that Katie Featherston in the footage from the new film?  And director Tod Williams isn't gonna hurt that baby... is he?

While I'm here at Fantastic Fest, I'm staying with friends, the way I always do in Austin, and a package actually showed up at their house for me, despite me not being listed as being here, and no one having my friend's address.  Inside was a simple yellow envelope, and inside that, a flash drive.

What we're sharing with you today are the contents of that mysterious flash drive. And if you look around the internet, you'll see that we weren't the only ones who were sent one of these clips.  There are a few of them now, and I'm sure the rabid among you can piece them together if you choose.  I watched my 15 second clip, and I feel like I'm content now to wait and just see the finished film, so we can see if they put something worthwhile together for the sequel.

I hope so.  No one wants another "Blair Witch 2," and I think Oren Peli and the rest of the "Paranormal Activity 2" team are smart enough to realize that.

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