Carey Mulligan is almost unnaturally poised considering how much expectation has been heaped on her since last year's "An Education" made its debut at Sundance 2009.  She turned around and, on the basis of the heat around her performance in that film, booked a couple of high profile jobs that are just now making their way to theaters.

First up?  This weekend's "Never Let Me Go," which is opening in limited release first.  You can read the Motion/Captured review of the film here.

On Sunday, Carey Mulligan was part of the big Fox Searchlight press day, and we sat down with her to discuss her work in Mark Romanek's movie, her work with Oliver Stone in "Wall Street 2," and how you go about playing the sort of character she plays in "Never Let Me Go."

She was charming, sharp, polished.  As expected.  And even as the afternoon wore on, even when she was on break, she seemed relaxed, ready for the interviews, open and sincere.  Toronto can be a punishing schedule for everyone involved in the film festival… publicists, talent, journalists, audiences.. and to see someone with so much staked on these movies handle it with such poise… especially someone so young… is a humbling thing.

After a conversation with her, one has the feeling Ms. Mulligan is at the very start of what promises to be a long and interesting career, and I hope to speak to her again about what I'm sure will be a rewarding body of work.

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