Doing interviews at the same time that you're up here trying to see movies is, frankly, insane, and yet I had a pretty good time because of the other journalists up here.  I have nothing but admiration for the insanity that almost all of the publicists were dealing with, stretched too thin and trying to do 40 things at once in most cases.

At the "Jennifer's Body" press day, people were all abuzz before I even got to the Park Hyatt.  Same place I stayed recently when I was up here for the "Scott Pilgrim" set visit.  The first thing I was told, about six times by different people, was that I was not allowed to ask Megan anything about Michael Bay.  There were all sorts of bizarre outlets pulling god knows what.  One guy threw water on himself and tried to take his shirt off while talking to Fox.

My conversation with her and with co-star Johnny Simmons (probably the best performance in the film is him) was considerably less eventful than that.  Still, it's worth a look.

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