I've made a number of jokes over the last few days about just how many jobs Evan Glodell had on his debut film, "Bellflower," but the truth is that I'm impressed.  I would be impressed if he was just the lead actor and gave a performance as strong as the one he gives in the film, but to also be the writer, director, producer, and to be responsible for building the working props and the specialty camera rigs?  Ridiculous.

I get the feeling that's the only way a film like "Bellflower" would ever get made, though.  This is obviously a personal vision, and the handcrafted quality of the film is part of what makes it feel so special.  When you see the film, you'll see the way the image matches the emotional states of the characters, the way it almost feels recovered instead of filmed.

I ran one interview during Sundance that was with the cast of the film, but there were two very notable exceptions.  One was Glodell himself, and the other was Tyler Dawson, who plays Aiden.  Woodrow, Glodell's character, may be the mechanical mastermind of the film, but Aiden is the constant that is always there to support Woodrow. 

Their friendship is the spine of the movie, and whatever hope you may find embedded in the wrap-up to the film, it's because of the dynamic between them.  Today, we've got our chat with Glodell and Dawson, and I think you can see that same dynamic at play in the conversation we had.

I'm thrilled that Oscilloscope Labs has signed on to distribute the film.  That's exactly the sort of distributor I was hoping to see attached to the movie, someone who can hold its hand and take their time releasing it.  "Bellflower" is a very special film, and I'm glad you're going to get a chance to check it out for yourself.  When there are more details about the release, we'll make sure to have them here at HitFix.

In the meantime, we've still got some more Sundance wrap-up coming in the next few, including an interview I did with Lucky McKee and PollyAnna McIntosh, the director and star of "The Woman," one of the most controversial films of the entire festival.