PARK CITY - Considering how rough much of the festival has been, and how much controversy I've found myself in, today was a lovely antidote.

Why?  Well, because of a unique opportunity that came together after several days worth of negotiation, I had two very sweet and sort of moving interviews in a row.  The first, which you'll see later this week, was with Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who is being honored in the new documentary "Being Elmo," and I think he's kind of wonderful.  We had time to chat informally about Jim Henson and Frank Oz and we got to make "All About Eve" and Grover jokes, and immediately, I recognized in him the core values that I respond to in other guys who grew up on Henson's work.  It's a philosophy, something that you just react to, and it was immediately relaxed.

At the end of that conversation, which also included Constance Marks, who directed the documentary, suddenly someone else was in the room, as if by magic, and Kevin Clash disappeared.  Alex Dorn, who's been shooting all of the interviews we've done up here this week, just turned the camera on, and… well… I had a chat with Elmo.

When I use the word "magic," I mean it.  It's remarkable to speak to one of the Muppets, and it's every bit as real as I hoped it would be.  He's not a character or a puppet or a bit… he's Elmo.  He's a three-year-old monster from Sesame Street, and he ended our conversation with a special shout-out to two boys who I have to hope are going to be very, very happy.

I want to thank Kevin, Elmo, Constance Marks, and the entire team that put us in that room today.  I look forward to sharing the rest of the day with you very soon.

"Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey" plays a few more times here at Sundance, and I have to assume it's going to get a wide release later this year.  For now, check out Dan Feinberg's review of it.  Sounds great, right?