Day two of Sundance was really my first full day, starting around 7:00 AM and ending at about 2:30 the next morning.  I did my best to capture images and moments and a few on-the-fly chats as I went, and hopefully this should give you some sense of things.

One of the things that's a little hard to fully convey, even in video, is the random nature of encounters up here.  You'll be sitting in the Yarrow lobby writing and suddenly Mike Judge walks by, or you're walking out at the end of the movie and Malin Ackerman is in front of you, excitedly discussing the movie with her friends, or, as you'll see in this piece, you might even run into a director as he arrives at the festival, film literally in hand.

It was great to catch up with Don Coscarelli, who I got to know a little bit during the "Masters Of Horror" process, and I'm excited to see what he's done with David Wong's novel "John Dies At The End."  It amazes me how filmmakers never really get over that nervousness about showing their film to an audience for the first time, and I spent some time talking to him about this movie, our experiences on "Masters," and just catching up in general.  We'll have a more formal sit-down in a few days, but it was a great moment.

I also sat down with Erin McCarthy, a journalist I've gotten to know over the last few years, and I love that she's here for Popular Mechanics.  Talk about a different perspective on movies, right?  I wanted to talk to her about what it is she looks for in a film festival when she's writing for an outlet like that.

You'll see some glimpses of the chaos that goes on from my perspective at a red carpet for a premiere here, and you'll see what it's like inside the Egyptian as the crowd gets revved up for a midnight movie.   You'll also get a glimpse of the chaos on the streets outside as Main Street is packed with drunken lunatics

Our coverage for the rest of the Sundance Film Festival will continue through next weekend, and we'll keep this up over the rest of the fest, and as always, let me know what you think and what else you'd be curious to see.