PARK CITY - One of the movies I'm looking forward to here at Sundance this week is "Vampire," and right now, that's all I know about the movie.

I love that.  I love being at a festival and looking at titles and just taking a chance on something.  It's exciting because I've had some of my very favorite experiences that way, like when I sat through "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" simply because I wanted to see the movie playing after it, and I've had some of the worst experiences ever the same way.  I'll spare the filmmakers another kick in the teeth, but there have been movies I've bailed out on twenty minutes in because I've been so horrified by what I'm looking at.

With "Vampire," I'll admit it:  I'm curious to see a movie that's got balls big enough to use that title in the year 2011, in an age where there are roughly nine billion movies that have been made about vampires, and they have pretty much been run through every variation, every possible permutation.  I certainly think you can still make a vampire film that is interesting and provocative.  "Let The Right One In" and its American counterpart "Let Me In" both prove that, as did the recent Korean film "Thirst," but to just call your film "Vampire" implies a sort of ownership of the genre, like you're making a big statement about these movies or this particular monster archetype.

Now we've got some clips from the film for you, and you can take a look for yourself.  I'm going to wait since I'm seeing the film on Monday, but if you're curious to see what director Iwai Shunjii has done, by all means… take a look, and then check back here at the start of the week for my review.

Fingers crossed this bit of titular hubris is fully deserved.  We will see.