Good morning, everyone.  I've never liveblogged from an event before, but I figure the one event at San Diego Comic-Con this year that is worth trying to do it with would be "Lost," because I feel for every single fan who can't be here.  I have no special access to "Lost," so I'm just a fan like anyone else, and at 11:00 PST, when the panel gets underway, I'll start updating you guys on everything that's happening as it happens, wireless access permitting.

Be back in a few...

Okay... first up is an ad for this year's viral campaign,  Then a great "rediscovered" spot for an '80s show called "The Dharma Initiative," which looks like an "In Search Of" knockoff.  Hilarious.

The clips pagckage is all stuff from the end of last year, building to Juliet's "Come on, you sonofabitch!"  And then Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof take the stage to Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Carlton:  Our theme for today's panel is fan appreciation.

Damon:  Yesterday, walking out of Hall H at 7:30, we saw people in line for today's panel, and for someone who has camped out for other things, that's very surreal.

Carlton:  We're going to start out this morning by celebrating some of the stuff you guys have made.

They're starting with some of their favorite fan videos from over the years.  Nice way to say thanks.

I love the one where they dub "Lost" dialogue over "Muppet Babies" footage.  And the Jack-calling-XBox 360 customer support for help with the red ring of death is great.  Of coruse, there's a great Jack/Sawyer "Brokeback" mash-up.  Lord.  Deadly accurate.

Carlton:  Are you making it up as you go along?  That's the question we're asked the most.  So we had an idea to do something that will prove conclusively that we are not making it up as it goes.

They each have one of the two final pages of "Lost."  Carlton's is in an ankle holster for security.  They take the the pages, put them into a box with two locks, secure the pages, and they're now taking those pages to a secure location.  On the night of the finale, they will open that box on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to read the scene and prove that it is, verbatim, the ending of the show.  Each has a key, like they've got nuclear secrets inside.

They announce that they're going to give away a prize to whichever fan during the Q&A says a certain secret word first.

Q:  We've heard that season six will be like season one.  How do you mean that?

Damon:  We want the show to feel like a loop is closing with this final year.  There's a good chance you'll be seeing characters you haven't seen since that first season.

Paul Sheer is the second question.  Hilarious.  "I've been camping out for six months.  Everytime I get on a plane, I'm like 'Please crash!' I've devoted six months of my life to a very special art project in honor of season six."  He unveils his art.  It's a painting of Damon and Carlton with a polar bear.  More specifically, it's a velvet painting.  INSANE.  "Check out my website,  Oh wow.  Paul, you are a lunatic.

Q:  My daughters and I are Faraday fangirls.  Any chance we'll seen him happily married with children next year?  And does the show have anything to do with nanobots?

Carlton:  Well, Faraday is dead, so if you like zombie weddings...

Damon:  Technically, if what Jack and the others did worked, he might be happily married.  But you can tell your daughters that Faraday will be on the show.

Q:  Will season six contain any flashbacks for the characters to a pre 2004 era?  I love learning about their childhood.

Carlton:  We're doing something fairly different in season six.  No time travel.  No flash forwards.  But we can't tell you exactly what it is.

Damon:  But any opportunity we can find to be horribly abusive to children on the show, we'll take it.  That's "Lost."

Carlton just performed the theme song.  "Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh."  Genius.  There was a contest to write a new theme song, and they called the winners up to play the song, cut with some new video.

AMAZING faux title sequence.  that song deserved to win.  And then there's a commercial for Oceanic Airlines touting their great safety record.  Then we see a commercial for Mr. Cluck's by owner Hugo Reyes.  It's for his new "Outback Roasters," authentic grillied Australian chicken.  Hilarious.  "Mr. Cluck.  It's Chicken... Heaven."

Next up is a clip from "America's Most Wanted," featuring a profile of Kate, a fugitive on the run.  They describe how Kate planned and executed the murder of her stepfather.  However, the profile suggests that the wrong person died in the explosion, and her stepfather escaped intact.

Next guy in line for the Q&A:  Jorge Garcia!

Q:  Okay, the commercial we just saw and the other one you made me do... does that mean what Jack did worked?  Because it means the last five seasons didn't happen, and we hope that's not the case, because that would be a huge cheat.

Damon:  Trust us.

Q:  Yeah, but the last time I trusted you, you said Nikki and Paolo would be awesome.

Carlton:  Fair enough.

Q:  okay, so this is the last season.  You're going to answer all the questions, right?

Damon:  Everything that matters.

Q:  Cause like in season one, Sayid tortures Sawyer to get the inhaler, but Sawyer didn't have the inhaler.  So... like... where's the inhaler?

Damon:  What happened to one question per person?  Security.

Security shows up in the form of Michael Emerson, who reminds him, "One question per person."

"Hey, this is research so I can play my part."

"Oh, is that what you do?  You play a part?  Really?  You transform into a character?  Is that it?"

"Yeah.  Pretty much, dude."

"Oh, I had forgotten about the vast gulf between you and the character you play."

"Okay, you go ahead."

"No, you first.  We'll wait.  Why should it be different than it is on the set?"

"Okay, Emerson, you wanna dance?  Let's dance.  You wanna know the real reason Michael is upset?  Michael wanted to play Hurley but the part was already cast."

"Wow... that is soooooo... crazy.  I think everyone knows I was offered a guest part, then became a series regular.  A part written especially for me.  When would I ever play a part as broad as Hurley?"

"I heard your audition was very broad."

"I never auditioned?"

"Oh, really?"

And then we see.... yes... a Hurley audition by Michael Emerson.  Hilarious.  It's a very funny parody of bad auditions, and it's as broad as you can possibly imagine.

Carlton introduces them formally and brings them up onstage.

Back to the Q&A.

Q:  My question is about Richard Alpert.  Will we get a Richard Alpert flashback, and will it be tied to the arrival of the Black Rock on the island?

Damon:  that's a very very very good question.  Next question please.

Carlton:  We will definitely see his history.

Damon:  It's very involved, and you'll see that in season six.

Q:  I cried like a sissy when Juliet fell.  If there's any guy in here who says different, they're a liar.  I need to know if she's okay, and if she's not, then can you make her okay?

Damon:  This all goes back to whether or not her detonating the bomb worked.  If it did, she's okay.  If it didn't, then not so much.  But Elizabeth will be on the final season.

Next question is Bob Stencil.  "If they exploded, they weren't on the island, and if they weren't on the island, it never exploded.  And if it never exploded..."  He gets a nosebleed, and then has to get out his constant, a Dharma beer.  And in return, they give him a Bob Stencil hatch t-shirt they made for him.  Wow.

Q:  Is Jacob's friend at the beach named Esau?

Michael:  We sometimes deal in Biblical imagery.  That might be too much, but I like the way your mind is working.

Damon:  You're good at this.  You just said absolutely nothing.

Q:  Does Nestor wear eyeliner?

They go to a live feed backstage, and we see Nestor in make-up.  A "candid" shot.  "Richard Alpert's not immortal.  You are."  Then he starts putting on his eyeliner and throws a fit because it's the wrong kind of eyeliner.  "I only use Onyx!"

And then Nestor actually walks out to huge applause.

Next question is from a Hurley-alike who got a laugh.

Q:  I wanted to thank you for teling one of the greatest stories ever.  One thing that's always perplexed me... who made the food drop in season two?

Damon:  Jorge, do you have a theory about that?

Jorge:  It comes from planes.

Damon:  I think we might actually deal with that in the final show.

Q:  And thank you for making Hurley so someone like me could finally identify with someone on TV.

Carlton:  Maybe we can give you a hint about the secret word since no one's said it yet.

Next up, another Hurley-alike.  Hilarious.

Q:  Dharma's had a major role since season two.  Will it have a big role in this final season?

Carlton:  Not as much.  We dealt with them a lot last year, and we're sort of moving on.

Q:  Has Jacob ever appeared as anything other than himself?  Like maybe as Claire or other characters?

"Claire" is the secret word, so Carlton got out the gift, which is a pigeon with a note tied to its foot, like Claire released in season two.  And the note is the actual one that Claire tied to his foot in the episode.

Damon: No is the answer to your question.

Crap, guys... my battery is going to give out before the panel wraps up, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull the plug here, and then just put up the rest of the coverage in about a half-hour back at the hotel.  They're just bringing out the last special guest now...

... and it turned out to be Josh Halloway, who absolutely tore the panel up.  First, he had the best entrance music of the day, walking in to "Slow Ride," which played over the clips montage that showed first, which was basically two minutes of Sawyer being a ridiculous badass.  And then Josh comes walking out to sit next to Damon.

Carlton:  Are there any more questions?

Josh:  Yeah, I have one.  What's this?

He takes a taser out of his pocket.

Damon:  A taser.

Josh:  You're smarter than you look, aren't you?

With that, Josh tasers Damon until he blacks out.  Sure, the sound didn't happen until he was done tasering him, but I'm sure that was just the acoustics in Hall H.  Ahem.  Once Damon's down, Josh takes his key from him and looks over at Carlton.

Josh:  Okay, Lurch.  Give it up.

Carlton refuses, so Josh threatens to taser JJ Abrams again.

Carlton:  Uh, Josh, that's not JJ Abrams.  He hasn't really worked on the show since season one.  That's Damon Lindelof.

Josh:  Lindywhat?

Carlton tries to reason with Josh, who only gets more agitated.  Finally, he puts the unconscious Damon's hand in a pitcher of water.

Josh:  Okay, unless you want me to shock your girlfriend Linda here again, give me the key!

Carlton finally relents.

Josh:  Don't make me go get the villagers and their torches, Frankenstein.  Let's get that box open.

So they end up opening the box, and Josh steals the two pages with the ending of "Lost."  Josh stares at the pages for a moment.

Carlton:  I knew it.  You can't read, can you?

Frustrated and protesting that he just forgot his glasses, Josh gives the pages to Michael, who puts his glasses on and starts to read:


The flames lick higher at the edges of the tent.  Sylar and Parkman face each other amidst the fire.

SYLAR:  Was Mohinder inside?

PARKMAN:  You are the last Patrelli now."

Finally, Michael stops reading, furious.

Michael:  What the fuck is this?

Damon thanks everyone for coming to the panel, and to all the previous panels going back six years to when they showed the "Lost" pilot at Comic-Con.  "'Lost' exists for you and because of you.  Thank you so much."

Carlton talked about how hard it is to create a show that doesn't intentionally service the lowest common denominator, and how happy he's been to work on a show for an audience that seems to want more.

Finally, they rounded out the panel by showing an "In Memorium" reel dedicaed to all those who have fallen on "Lost" over the years.  And although it started funny, showing guys like Neil "Frogurt" or Dr. Arzt, eventually, it became sort of emotional when they got to some of the big deaths, and the way they wrapped it up with an expertly built tribute to Charlie just reminded me all over again why I love this show.

Dominic Monaghan walked out to wave at everyone to wrap the panel up, and although I can't say there was a lot of hard news of any kind at the panel, what came through loud and clear is that this experience has been just as special and just as fun for the people who make the show as it has been for those of us who watch it.

See you guys when the series picks up for its sixth season for one more year of recaps.

Can't.  Wait.

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