You try sitting across from Amanda Seyfried showing two miles of leg and keep your mind on the interview.  Go ahead.  I dare you.

Seyfried really is the lead in "Jennifer's Body," even if they're using Megan Fox to sell the film.  And Adam Brody sort of steals every moment he's in, including the best-ever reference to Maroon 5.  So sitting down with the two of them to chat about the film was easy enough, and a pleasure.

But just as I sat down, they were discussing the reviews of the film in Variety and Hollywood Reporter, and they were both visibly wound up at the way Diablo Cody had been treated in the reviews.  As a result, they started the interview in a very defensive place, and it sort of set the tone for our brief chat.

For the record, I think Cody draws more insane rage than almost any other screenwriter, and it seems like people review her more than they review what she writes.  It's fine if you don't like her films, but listen to the language the most rabid of her detractors use, and you tell me if you think they have issues with women or not.  It's a little scary.

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"Jennifer's Body" opens Sept. 18th.

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