Jason Reitman's "Young Adult" goes into wide release today, and I'm interested to know what our readers make of it -- it's a piece that takes some bold tonal risks in asking its audience to accompany a tragically deluded, cripplingly spiteful character, and some will be more willing to take the journey than others. Certainly, awards voters have been regarding it warily: it failed to show up in yesterday's Globe nominees for Best Comedy or Musical, while top-form star Charlize Theron was blanked by SAG the day before. No matter. I appreciated the film's prickly eccentricities, and certainly think it's one of the most daring major studio releases of 2011; Kris was even more impressed. But what about you? Share your thoughts in the comments.  

Guy Lodge is a South African-born critic and sometime screenwriter. In addition to his work at In Contention, he is a freelance contributor to Variety, Time Out, Empire and The Guardian. He lives well beyond his means in London.