One of the stories linked in today's round-up is yesterday's much-discussed news concerning Werner Herzog being cast as a villain opposite Tom Cruise in the Reacher film "One Shot." I doubt very much I was alone by uttering to myself, "Brilliant," when I read that news. And even though Herzog is so distinguishable that it would probably be a little tough for him to act often, I say screw that. Star in more roles, Werner! How great would it be to see him hit his golden years as an actor consistently popping up in films and in a variety of roles? No? Am I alone here? "The new Herzog movie" would take on a whole new meaning. Anyway, let's see what's going on in the Oscarweb today...

Werner Herzog will play a villain opposite Tom Cruise in "One Shot." Brilliant? [Variety]

Steve Pond reports that the Academy's long-gestating museum project may have found a home at LACMA. [The Odds]

Brad Brevet finds an interesting, though perhaps (consciously) unintentional (who knows?) parallel in the imagery of Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" and Akira Kurosawa's "Kagemusha." [Rope of Silicon]

Thelma Adams, Susan Wloszczyna and Sasha Stone discuss the Best Supporting Actor race. []

Melissa Molina chats with "The Ides of March" star Evan Rachel Wood. [Latino Review]

The 82nd Oscarcast team of Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and Adam Shankman are planning a new film. [Deadline]

Kyle Buchanan keeps hammering the Oscar talk around "Bridesmaids," ponders whether Kristen Wiig is deserving. [Vulture]

T Bone Burnett talks overlooked music geniuses across the pond. [The Telegraph]

Fox Searchlight announces a December 2 release date for Steve McQueen's "Shame." [Twitter]

Talking a digital "Anonymous" with DP Anna J. Foerster. [American Cinematographer]

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