So the big story of the weekend, after the "War Horse" chatter died down a bit, was the nationwide sneak peek at Cameron Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo." I bought a couple of tickets and headed down to the local multiplex to have a look, and while it's certainly a better film that Crowe's last outing (2005's "Elizabethtown"), it's unquestionably heavy on the saccharine pedal. Nevertheless, I immediately thought of it as a film I'd watch again, probably multiple times. It's a definite stop-and-watch on TV in the future. Probably because of the characters Crowe is still, even in a film that doesn't begin to approach his best work, able to manifest, people you want to spend time with. I think Drew McWeeny did a good job of separating these various moving parts in his review here at HitFix. [Motion/Captured]

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