This has been the week from hell. But at least we're on the down-slope of it. And yesterday's quickly developing flurry of news has left plenty of pieces across the web in its wake. And to think, I was considering skipping Oscar Talk this week due to travel plans. Today's round-up is packed with stuff about that news, so strap in. And to kick things off, Nathaniel Rogers was actually at a lunch for "Martha Marcy May Marlene" in New York when the news hit. (There was a similar one here in Los Angeles but I had to skip it when the news started flying.) Rogers was seated with a trio of Academy members, so, naturally, he asked their thoughts on the situation. [Film Experience]

Greg Ellwood thinks Eddie Murphy walking away from the hosting gig was a bad move. [Awards Campaign]

Robins Williams certainly isn't going to be his replacement. [Moviefone]

Claude Brodesser-Akner, meanwhile, has the scoop on how Brett Ratner's resignation went down. [Vulture]

Howard Stern defends Brett Ratner, slams Hollywood as "loony." [Hollywood Reporter]

Charlie Poekel, mastermind behind the @MuppetOscars movement, is already hitting the interview circuit. [Village Voice]

George Clooney says he'll be "shocked" if "The Descendants" doesn't earn a Best Picture nominations. Indeed. [Rolling Stone]

Hollywood plans big binge for Christmas. [New York Times]

Steve Pond chats with "The Skin I Live In" director Pedro Almodóvar. [The Odds]

Anne Thompson tries to keep that "Jane Eyre" fire lit, talks to star Mia Wasikowska (about "Albert Nobbs," too). [Thompson on Hollywood]

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