Cameron Crowe had a pregnant idea yesterday. How about a top 10 list of music moments in film? His list is full of unique and sometimes surprising picks, though I guess I'll forgive him for being modest enough to opt out of including "In Your Eyes" from his own "Say Anything." And judging by comments Chris Cornell made in our recent interview, I imagine the Soundgarden front man would be delighted by the "We Bought a Zoo" director's #1 choice. Lots of great picks, though. And a nice change of pace on the interwebs. [The Uncool]

Greg Ellwood sets the field of Best Actor contenders. [Awards Campaign]

Ten years later, why does the sweet smell of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Amelie" linger on? [The Guardian]

David Hudson remembers Klaus Kinski in brief. The Werner Herzog collaborator would be 85 this year. [MUBI Notebook]

A history of "War Horse," from page to stage to screen. [The Telegraph]

Christopher Nolan might film some of "The Dark Knight Rises" on the scene at Occupy Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. [24 Frames]

The Academy announces winners of 2011 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships. []

Jeff Wells, God love him, is asking for folks to pitch in to help raise money to screen "Tyrannosaur" for press in Los Angeles. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

Nathaniel Rogers kicks off a new series -- Oscar Horrors -- by spotlighting the Oscar-nominated 1953 short film "The Tell-Tale Heart." [The Film Experience]

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