There were far more than thousands of New Yorkers upset by the fact they couldn't nab a ticket to LCD Soundsystem's epic finale at Madison Square Garden last year. Millions of fans would have liked to see Regine from Arcade Fire do that little glove dance or Reggie Watts guest during the "45:33" zone-out run. With a show so very much final, a concert film was almost certainly in order.

A first glimpse of that film, "Shut Up and Play the Hits," will be at the Sundance Film Festival this month, where directors Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace will premiere it.

The documentary chronicles the lead-up, the day-of and the day-after of that April 2, 2011 New York concert; it was produced by Lucas Ochoa and Thomas Bensk (Blur's doc "No Distance Left to Run") and by LCD frontman James Murphy, who may just spend half the film hugging people and heavily sighing.

The trailer has debuted, below, featuring just those kind of moments, to the tune of "All My Friends."

I was at one of the Terminal 5 lead-up LCD Soundsystem show -- not MSG -- but that track among others from "Sound of Silver" encapsulated what it was to live in New York and struggle in a vigorous and fast-moving industry, for me. I get tingles but, then again, I'm sentimental. Murphy's voice is a delicate thing, considering all those trills, shouts and long dance-bound notes, and after a half dozen nights of three-hour setlists, I wouldn't be surprised if he appears worse for wear up-close-and-personal here. I'll report what I see when I check out the film in Park City later this month.

Does this trailer get you excited for "Shut Up and Play the Hits?" WILL HE PLAY THE HITS??