Singin' Swede Lykke Li is well on her way to releasing her sophomore set, and has a single to show for it. "Get Some" with B-side "Paris Blue" are available now on her website for free, at the cost of your left arm your email and some vitals.

The as-yet-untitled album is due sometime "early next year" and, judging from these very different tracks, fans can at least expect diversity.

"Get Some" is a little naughty in its lyrics -- which Lykke Li posted proudly to her site -- declaring that she considers herself your prostitute and one ought not pull one's pants before she "goes down." But it's at least all in good fun, as the shimmy of shakers and a buzzing bass make for a primal dance track. Her sultry voice in the lower registry hums while those high notes would work easily for a girl group in the '50s.

"Paris" (pronounced "pah-dey") is considerably slower than 90% of what made the cut on her 2008 debut "Youth Novels." The invisible hand of Peter Yttling's (of Peter Bjorn & John) production shows up more keenly, in the exaggerated reverb and live sound of electric and drums.

Lykke Li has only one, sold-out show scheduled for the U.S., but be on the look-out for dates in the new year.

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