PARK CITY -- Festival goers may not have noticed it, but Sundance seems to be the first stop of many in  promoting the Beastie Boys' new album. Thankfully for Adam "MCA" Yauch, it coincides with one of his other favorite pastimes.

Shorts Program I premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival, and in it was the 30-minute short film "Fight For Your Right Revisited," written and directed by the Beastie Boy, out through his Oscilloscope Laboratories. And half an hour was just enough time to preview three tracks from the hip-hop veterans' "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2": "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas, "Make Some Noise" and "Say It.

Of course, the former has been around for couple years now, released as a single and even garnering a Grammy nomination.

But the other two hadn't gone wide -- until now.

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"Revisited" attempts to take the viewer back to 1987, when their raucous and silly "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" music video was released. The trio, in the clip, manage to make their exit from the party, and "Revisited" picks back up where they left off.

And by "left off," I mean Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen pick up their game and run with it as trouble-causing Beasties themselves. Cue about two dozen cameos from famous friends, from Susan Sarandon (mother coming home to a wrecked apartment) to Orlando Bloom (car window washer), Steve Buscemi (bartender), Rainn Wilson (unfortunate passerby) and Will Arnett (unfortunate passerby, C'MON). It climaxes -- if you can call it that -- with a literal pissing contest with their future selves (Will Ferrell, Jack Black, John C. Reilley) and getting toted away by the cops, played by the real Beastie Boys.

It meanders, and includes a lot of film references, stilted hip-hop tomes and classic '80s music video slow motion shots, plenty of room in the narrative for some quality lip-syncing of the above mentioned songs.

"Say It" is particularly is heavy with distortion, plus a looser flow than expected from the trio. "Make Some Noise" seems borrowed from an earlier time in their career, and perfect for breaking windows with trash cans, fizzing cans of beer and human bodies. The Eccles Theatre this morning brrrred with bass and the occasional curse word.

Like a few other music videos that have debuted recently -- including Kanye's "Runaway" -- the Beastie Boys are lifting the curtain on more than a single song within one piece of video work, and the result is a cohesion in what to expect from the full-length. And while the short itself will be getting a once-over by another HitFix crit, I'm at least heartened to hear full-bodied, rock-arranged new tracks from the Beasties. "Hot Sauce Committe" is starting to sound pretty hot.

Select Sundance shorts are going up online via the festival's YouTube Screening Room, starting today. But I wouldn't count on "Revisited" being one of those any time soon. "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2" will drop some time this spring -- exact date TBA -- and the availability of this clips will undoubtedly have to be negotiated through Oscilloscope and the Beasties' label Capitol.

As previously reported, Sundance provided Yauch the unique opportunity to appear in a public capacity, one of the first since it was announced he was suffering from cancer starting two years ago. He hasn't beaten his disease yet, but seems well enough to get to finishing this long-gestating album. Click here for the full track list and more information on why it's not "Part 1."

Park City attendees: get thee to a Shorts Program I screener, the remaining on Jan. 22, 26 and 29.