As I noted in my review of the remarkable Sundance Film Festival entry "Like Crazy," Anton Yelchin has come a long way.  He's always shown talent from his work in the underrated "Alpha Dog," but he's quickly and almost surprisingly turning into a compelling leading man.

I sat down to chat about "Like Crazy" with Yelchin on Saturday and the 21-year-old articulated his character and the appeal of the film even more eloquently than its director Drake Doremus, which is pretty remarkable.  A few hours later, I sat next to a casting director who was scouting talent at the fest at another movie's premiere and she brought up how much she loved "Crazy."  It turned out we both shared the same opinion on how Yelchin is clearly showing possibilities beyond a young character actor.  In many ways, it's a similar trajectory to Joseph Gordon-Levitt but  Yelchin may actually have more big time potential.  Luckily, moviegoers won't have to wait long to see his work in "Like Crazy" or the upcoming Jodie Foster drama "The Beaver."  Oh, right.  He'll also be reprising his role as Chekov in "Star Trek 2" soon (How could we forget?).

In the meantime, check out this enlightening interview with Yelchin embedded in this post and discover just how passionate Yelchin is about "Like Crazy."

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