So, at 10 PM tonight, racing to the "Tyson" dinner party, I had a strange sense of deja vu.  The traffic, the crowds, the noise.  It felt like Main St. of old.  Perhaps my observation from last night was wrong.  Maybe the subdued Friday night crowd was a blip on the Festival's radar.  Maybe.

Before we get to the midnight revelation, I should give kudos to the classy event 42 West held at the Bon Appetit Supper Club for the well received documentary "Tyson."  The former World Champion was in attendance and a packed room of some of the more prominent journalists in town (many online) were in attendance.  I was lucky enough to sit across from producer Albert Berger whose resume includes Sundance favorite "Little Miss Sunshine," "Little Children" and "Hamlet 2." He's returned to Park City just to check out new movies (i.e., new talent) but told me he has a few docs in post and two narrative films about to go into production.  We waxed for a moment about "Election," one of the first films I worked on while at Paramount and how, sadly, the studio wasn't equipped to properly handle it at the time.  Kindly, time has a way of giving a second life to great movies.

The next stop of the night was a packed opening night party for the Queer Lounge.  A mainstay of the fest, the annual event space also hosts a number of major premiere parties and panels during the day (and is hardly exclusively gay).  While going up to the bar, I saw that it wasn't an open bar (sigh) and tickets were needed for drinks.  I asked a gentleman in a grey coat where he got them and he informed me there were available on the other side of the packed room.  My reaction must have shown my annoyance, because he sarcastically added, "It's for charity, I know, can you believe it?"  After acknowledging the ridiculousness of my reaction, he smiled and grabbed his drinks for his friends.  Then it hit me.  It was Nick Stahl.  Who knew he was even at the festival?

Before we left, I  ran into a second acquisition exec who called the one movie I wanted to see, directed by a well known TV comedy actor, one of the worst movies of the festival.  We'll find out for sure tomorrow.

Stepping onto Main St. around 12:30, it was clear the early buzz was a mirage.  In the past, at this time of night, this joint would still be jumping.  2009's Saturday night?  The scene was akin to clearing out after last call.

And yet, while heading home for a good night sleep seemed like an excellent option, my buddies dragged me back to Park City's resident late night joint, the MySpace Party, for the second night in a row.  And we'll be honest.  It was a hell of a lot of fun and I'm paying for it today.  The crowd was much more interesting besides the fact Julianna Margulies (seriously?) and, um, Danny Masterson were there. The DJ was also ten times better than the night before which coerced us into staying way to late.  At 3 AM famed Hassidic Jewish rapper Matisyahu started a spirited set.  To say my ears are still ringing from his performance, hours later, is an understatement.

Perhaps Sunday night should be low key...yeah, fine chance of that happening.