10 blogs. 17,843 articles and blog posts published. Over 3,500 videos posted. And, now officially, three years of HitFix.

It's still hard to believe that on Dec. 22, 2008 with the economy in the crapper, Drew McWeeny, Dan Fienberg and Melinda Newman were willing to take a chance with this little dream my business partner, HitFix CEO Jen Sargent, and I had. It's been amazing run since then and we've been blessed to have fantastic writers such as Alan Sepinwall, Katie Hasty and Liane Bonin Starr join the mix.  This past year, Kris Tapley's In Contention became part of the HitFix family and we brought on two gentleman who have helped us keep the show running seven days a week, the underheralded Dave Lewis and Chris Eggersten. And, of course, we would be nowhere without the amazing video editing stylings of Mr. Alex Dorn.  Moreover, the HitFix team has grown substantially behind-the-scenes, a group of talented professionals that make sure the lights, er, server stays on and we're all gainfully employed (thanks guys).

As we enter year four, there are a number of new product launches you'll soon notice on HitFix.  Brand new event pages will roll out after the New Year giving fans a new destination to get all the info they need on upcoming movies, TV shows, albums, concerts and more. HitFix boards will also debut shortly allowing you to keep the conversation going (cause we know you all haven't gotten that "Killing" finale out of your system). Our Music channel will get some much deserved love with a revamp and redesign (anyone got any ideas for our music color other than purple? taking suggestions).  We also have new tools in the works to help you keep track of those intense conversations and we're very excited about a sleek new iPad app that should make our TV fans, at the least, very happy.

And of course, if it's a major event in the world of entertainment we plan on being there. Sundance, SXSW, Golden Globes, Coachella, Grammys, Oscar, Indie Spirit Awards, Bonarroo, Cannes, Comic-Con, Lollapalooza, Telluride, Toronto and both yearly TCA panels.  We'll suffer through them all, just for you (O.K., maybe we get a thrill out of them too). 

So, for those of you who have been here since the beginning, sincere thanks for sticking by us as we matured into the destination we've become today.*

*Quick note: If you've seen any of HitFix's Big Movie videos in your local supermarket checkout line or Sam's Club electronic dept., those are narrated by radio legend Jordo, one of our very first commenters and fans.  Amazing what can happen over the years, isn't it?

To all our fans, thank you for your passion and honest feedback.  We couldn't do it without any of you.

Here's to a great year four.

Happy Holidays from the HitFix team to you and yours.

Gregory Ellwood
Editor-in-Chief, President and Co-Founder
HitFix, LLC